About You ‘n Me

Casey van Bronkhorst is a rather new gardener who’s learning to garden indoors —out of the wicked heat of the high desert— and writes about her experiences and lessons learned as she does so. When not gardening or herding cats, she’s a WordPress consultant and coach, and owner of Lass Group Mall. She has a sense of humor of sorts.

About You!

You and I are probably a lot alike. Eternal gardening optimists.

You may have tripped over the same lawn rake as I have. You may have slain as many houseplants as I have. You’ve even pitched as many shriveled tomato plants and desiccated flower pots as I have. You’ve watered a silk plant once or twice.

You drool over Sunset Magazine‘s displays of jewel-like patios behind picturesque ranch houses. You ohh and ahhh over flagstone paths laid with such precision that they appear casually placed. You turn green with envy over perfectly sculpted border gardens.

You might have ordered one of those unroll-water-and-gasp-in-astonishment flower carpets, then either overwatered it until it turned to mush, or underwatered it until it resembled a layer of dried weeds. Right? Yep, me too.

But through it all and sometimes despite it all, you continue to hold out hope for a peaceful gentle garden. Your dreams don’t get shattered by a lack of germination or the onset of drought. High wind can’t put a dent in your desire for home-grown Roma tomatoes in your spaghetti sauce. You know in your thumbs that you will be the proud mentor of a lush and productive windowsill herb container patch. Failure of one plant is just a stepping-stone to the success of the next.

Welcome, fellow gardening optimist. Be at home here.

To your garden success!
Casey – the Garden Lass

Cauliflower, Cheddar

Cauliflower, Cheddar


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Cauliflower, Snowball

Cauliflower, Snowball


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