Location: Change is not always a Good Thing

Growing in a bad location leads to the compost bin

Composter? or plant cemetery? RIP, my little squashlings.

This morning every single one of my month-old yellow squash plants (and I use the term loosely) are dead. Collapsed in their 8″ pot, in what started out as a great location for little squash to grow —which turned deadly due to my own lack of forethought.

“Whyyyyyy!?” my screams of anguish echoed off the patio walls, as I invoked the seven names of the traveling gardening gnomes.

They were off to a solid footing in their little cardboard nestings, trailing happily over the pot’s edge in relative safety and mottled shade.

How a good location can morph into a bad idea

Our patio is a partially shaded cement pad in the high desert. Toasts my feet mightily when I walk there outside the shade lines in midday, and my feet are over sixty years old. Imagine what that superheated surface did to innocent month-old yellow squashlings that had previously been thriving in the “shade” of the long-unusable hot tub.

Then we got the hot tub fixed.

There it sits in the corner, chuffing away in its brand new glory, with a nice dark cabinet and nice white cover. The nice new plants that used to snuggle up in the shade of formerly battered sides had to step away — and away meant less shade, and less shade meant more heat, and more heat meant — well, you do the math.

Dynamics of a location can change. Sometimes those changes catch us off-guard. I wasn’t paying attention to where the plants were getting their sunshine after the move. That sunshine bounces off the nice shiny glass patio doors and turns the shady plant place into an oven.

RIP, little squashlings. Sorry I cooked ya before you grew up and were edible.

To your garden success!
Casey – the Garden Lass