Happy Fourth of July, Fellow Gardeners!

Chatterbox the Cat

Chatterbox says “Thanks for keeping me inside and safe.”

Tomorrow we can get back to gardening, but for today, let’s mellow out and do our best to remember the positives that got kicked in to get this country founded.

I’m almost positive there were naysayers and people against the whole idea of forming this new more perfect union. Something this great doesn’t get born from boredom. So – liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Tea Party or Vote For Me in 2012 – whatever your party affiliation and/or belief system: Chill out today, no pointing fingers – just celebrate being.

Remember to keep your cats and dogs inside tonight, safe from panic over firecrackers.

PS – the noisemakers, firecrackers and bright lights started about an hour before dusk. Chatterbox started panicking within seconds, running between rooms trying to find a safe place to hide, finally settling on a remote perch in her cat tree in the living room. If she’d been outside, she could have been miles away before she calmed down. Don’t risk losing your extended family members: Keep the doors and windows closed (and the pets inside) when the fireworks start.