10 traits that make gardeners very special people

gardener essentials, hat, glasses, gloves

The essential hat, glasses, gloves

From newbie to guru, from amateur to master – gardeners are a pretty special bunch. They garden to make beauty, get in shape, see things grow, save a few bucks on herbs, appease the Homeowner’s Association – and often just for the fun of it.

  1. Gardeners are optimists – maybe reaching up with that watering can won’t hurt as bad as it did yesterday.
  2. Gardeners make do – this week we can’t buy ten more planters, so we’ll find something else to plant in!
  3. Gardeners find solutions – eventually we figure out how to get the water up into the planter boxes without dislocating a shoulder.
  4. Gardeners are persistent – if seeding didn’t work that way, let’s try it this way instead.
  5. Gardeners temper fear with logic – that spider is a bit smaller than I am, and maybe I can outrun him.
  6. Gardeners are patient – the seed will grow as it will grow, not faster through our fretting and fussing.
  7. Gardeners work around obstacles – even the first step of a stepladder brings me vertigo, so there’s nothing in my garden higher than my 5’4″ self can reach from solid ground.
  8. Gardeners share – when you can grow 40 pounds of tomatoes without breaking a sweat, what’s the point of being stingy with your stuff?
  9. Gardeners “get” stewardship – when you compare 80 years to four billion, we’re pretty temporary, and need to pass on the land in better shape than we found it.
  10. Gardeners mentor the next gardener – I’m grateful to those who take time to answer my questions, listen to my uncertainties, and pass on their lore.

I’m only a few months into my gardening venture, and already I’m meeting fellow gardeners who stop what they’re doing to help me, answer my questions, guide me away from the missteps and toward success – what an honor to meet these wonderful folks and be accepted into their circle.