Ten Essential Rules of the Amateur Gardening Game

Rules that I am going to need to make my garden grow – and you might too!

morning in the garden . . .Rule #1: Don’t go nuts and buy out the Gardening Center at the first enthusiastic impulse to grow your own oregano.

Rule #2: Don’t buy two when one will do, especially if your first instinct is to buy ten!

Rule #3: Don’t let some salesman talk you into taking home doodads that sound fun to him but not you.

Rule #4: More plants have been slain by overwatering than by brown-thumbers like me.

Rule #5: Read and believe regional growing guidelines.

Rule #6: Watering sidewalks will not grow streets. Buy a great hose, and take care of it.

Rule #7: Invest in gloves that FIT. Then wear them.

Rule #8: You may get dirty when gardening. If dirt gives you the heebie-jeebies, find another hobby.

Rule #9: You are surrounded by experts. Everyone has an opinion. Smile and nod. Not all advice must be taken.

Rule #10: No matter how long you work, you will wait more than you work. Cultivate patience with the same unbounded enthusiasm as you cultivate your growing things.