Garden Economics 101

Seeing sprouts: Priceless

The way I figure it, when our first tomato hits the plate, it’ll cost $750 per ounce, give or take a few thousand.

Then again, a Boeing 777-300ER cost $298.3 million in 2011, and that’s before you start even thinking about insurance. It’s a matter of perspective!

Now I could gather up every receipt for every bit of seed, potting soil, garden trowel, hardware cloth, concrete blocks, cable ties, self-watering pots, plastic carrier thingies, sun hat, sunblock, peat pot, baby plant, big gallon buckets, cutting board, huge plastic bowls, and dripper for Miracle Gro – but I won’t. Others have done this already, and here’s a few:

I’m new at this gardening stuff when compared to those who have gardened all their lives and raise state-fair-prize-winning pumpkins upward of 150 pounds without batting an eye. I know I haven’t bought everything I’ll ever need. Heck, I still need a rocking compost bin and a proper suite of multi-purpose garden hoses. But I liken the garden adventure to a credit card commercial:

  • Flower Seeds: $2.98
  • Hand Trowel: $5.99
  • Gardening gloves: $7.50
  • Seeing sprouts in a peat pot: Priceless