From Here to Maturity: Cauliflower needs to morph into cauliflower soon

jade cauliflower compared with seed packet

Doesn’t look all that cauliflower’y for now…

The back of the package says, “Harvest 60 days.” I beam with anticipation. I love cauliflower – steamed, roasted, baked, pan-fried, covered with a tangy low-sodium lemon spray.

Then I do the count of days between when the cauliflower was seeded and when it sprouted, and out 60 days. Cauliflower for dinner on the 26th of June!

Then I look at the package picture as I look at the cauliflower plants. When exactly is this dude going to look like a cauliflower, anyway? By my calculations, it has 13 days to turn into what I see on the package. I’m assuming it’s not going to happen overnight – but no assumption is out of range for the neophyte gardener that I am.

Do you have a good pictorial guide that shows what to expect at the various stages of cauliflower becoming cauliflower? Anyone?