Garden Experiment Journal of Oddball Plantings #1

An oddball assortment of grand garden experiment plantings took place yesterday. It was a day for throwing caution to the wind and throwing stuff into dirt. I have NO idea if any of this will work, but if it does, what fun we’ll have with our garden!

Grand Garden Experiment #1: Ginger

Ginger from grocery store root

Ginger growing from grocery store ginger root

The ginger root that Erik got from the grocery store is doing beautifully. Still an experiment, and though since it’s been planted for awhile, I decided to include it in our garden experiment journal.

I recall reading that I will need to be extra patient while waiting for this picky perennial to get a visible sprout. Instead, the dang thing is flourishing – first in the garage (dark, hot), now in the patio room (light, hot). I couldn’t follow all the instructions I found since some conflicted pretty radically, so I settled on this one from How To Grow Stuff.

It didn’t take long for it to sprout, and once it did that, it’s been growing like the ginger equivalent of wildfire. It’d be faster, I’m sure, if I could provide a nice tropical climate like Hawaii. But I see nothing but trouble if I try to raise the rainfall rate inside the house.

Grand Garden Experiment #2: Tomatillo

The second grand garden experiment is the store-bought tomatillo. No, I don’t mean store-bought seeds. I bought a dozen or so tomatillo with an eye toward making green chili salsa. I forgot to get green chilis and cilantro and the other essential ingredients. So yesterday I roasted 90% of them, and stuck 10% in the ground. Well, dirt. A cut-in-half tomatillo revealed a cascade of nifty little seeds. So instead of trying to dig the seeds out of the pulp, I just buried the whole durn thing in well-watered potting soil.

Grand Garden Experiment #3: Key Lime

I know, I know. It’s a bit weird to be planting everything in sight, but I just couldn’t resist.

key limes and tomatillos awaiting sprouting

Key Lime (left) and tomatillo plants (right in white) just waiting to arrive

I hate drinking plain water. So I take a key lime, cut it in half, squeeze it into a drinking glass, add ice to the top and water to the ice. On days where I need a boost, I add two or three paper thin slices of ginger root (see above).

Usually I’d drop the remnants of the key lime into the garbage disposal and give it a whirl – a great way to give the disposal a nice tropical aroma that does nicely in countering the garlic and onion. But I’d just done that, so I was going to toss the key lime into the compost bin. But a freshly emptied planter pot caught my eye and I decided instead to bury the key lime halves in some well-watered dirt.  So I guess we’ll see!