Mythology of Future Gardens

A Summer Garden Scene from Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire


I look at snapshots of our new place, so near – a week or so away from closing escrow! All that acreage seems unlimited in dreams and possibilities.

I’ll want a spot where I can push soil into small pots, let herbs and flowers take root under my watchful eye. This watchful eye, of course, has unlimited energy, no joint pain, no backache, and a pair of stout but stylish gardening gloves.

With a wide-brimmed straw shade hat and scarf, my dream gardening self resembles a latter-age Katharine Hepburn. My knees won’t hurt as I kneel on a thick foam pad to lovingly tend my precious new violets.

Quick, to the potting shed, before the illusion dissolves into the harsh desert sun of reality!