Big Box Store: Donate Extra Seeds to Schools

all my leftover seeds

I am glad to donate my leftover seeds. Who wants them?

Today I stopped by a local big-box-national-brand store, hoping to find tomatillos in the great big seed display I saw last month.

Not only did they have no tomatillo seeds but they have barely any seeds at all! (Lots of flower seeds, but I’m not ready to grow flowers.) Thinking they moved the display to a sunnier spot, I tracked down a floor manager, who shook her head sadly.

“Unless they’re there, they’ve gone back.”  Gone back? To..?

Turns out that retailers return seeds to their vendors on a certain timetable in order to get credit for them if they’re not sold. I suppose that makes sense.

But instead of returning them, why not donate them? What’s the worst thing that’d happen if this massive national chain gave its nearly out of code seeds to the community or schools or parks, with no guarantee except that of best wishes.

Maybe a kid gets curious about growing a garden. Maybe a family gets a healthy meal from a community veggie plot. Maybe it makes the difference between eating veggies or not eating at all. That’s a choice some families are making these days.