New Gardener Birthday Present: Vegtrug

I have been walking somewhere between Cloud Nine and 27 all day – I found out last night that I’m getting a Vegtrug for my birthday, and I’m stoked!

I should explain. I found out ‘cuz my Far Better Half told me, not because I overheard something I shouldn’t. Besides, I’m past the age where surprises are what get me through the year. In fact, I’d rather not be surprised.

So, without further ado… *drumroll* The Vegtrug!

Vegtrug™ Patio Garden with Covers

Vegtrug Patio Garden with Covers

Soon to be MY Vegtrug!

This set includes the Vegtrug Patio Garden, the Vegtrug Frame & Greenhouse Cover and the Vegtrug Insect Cover. The Vegtrug Patio Garden lets you garden at an easy working height; no bending or kneeling to plant, tend and harvest. Elevated bed means no weeds and fewer pests, too. The V-shape makes efficient use of space and planting mix – grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center, shallow-rooted crops along the edges. Includes a fitted fabric liner to keep soil contained while letting excess water drain. Plastic feet protect wood from wet surfaces. Easy assembly.

Why I’m Cheering for a Vegtrug

Ok, I see I’m the one doing a lot of the jumping up and down for glee, so I’ll explain why I’m so completely thrilled. For the most part, my gardening is happening indoors (see various mentions of containers, lack of bees, indoor gardening challenges).

The Vegtrug will mean that I can garden outdoors without having to worry about bending over and kneeling, neither of which I can do with any reliability.

  • I’ll be able to plant without falling on the ground.
  • I’ll be able to water without filling up a dozen juice bottles and milk jugs each day.
  • I’ll be able to weed without spending the next day begging for painkillers.
  • I’ll be able to harvest without worrying about spreading dirt all over the dining room.

In short, the Vegtrug answers all those pesky questions that come up with bad backs, arthritis and age in general.

Sheer heaven! Yes, I’m dancing a bit. I’m definitely looking forward to this year’s annibirthday! (We celebrate both our birthdays and our anniversary at the same time.)