Blah Days in the Garden and Some Cures

cat too bored and blah

Chatterbox the Garden Cat says it’s too blah to do much today

Today has been one of those blah days. A day when I should be getting things done. A day when it’d be a great time to put some seeds in some soil, pot up a few peat pots full of spinach, kick the potato pot sideways and see if any potatoes roll out. A day when I should have ordered up some herb seeds to pot when they come in.

Put Off Procrastinating as Long as Possible

Instead it has been a day where I stared at the empty screen and dragged my heels. I put off procrastinating as long as possible, then procrastinated for awhile. I watched the Weather Channel for awhile, duly noted the time and temp display and five-day forecast. I did the dishes, then rearranged a cabinet. Lined a drawer. I put up a couple of window vinyls, took them down and put them up on the fridge instead, then took them down and stored them in frustration.

Now, mind you, there is a LOT to write about, and a LOT to do, and I have no idea why I decided to throw myself a half-day pity party today, except that I was not in the mood to garden. The plants got their water right on time, and I didn’t uproot anything in the process. So I kept the damage level down to just my blah mood.

Breaking the Garden Blah Pattern

So what’d I do to finally get snapped out of the blah? Putting routine tasks in the blender can help, assuming you are up to changing things around a bit.

Instead of starting my morning watering at the patio, I tried starting with the other end of the house – hit the front porch, roses, then the interior containers, out to the sun room then out to the west.

Instead of potting in the sun room, I work on the kitchen island (on newspaper, of course). Varying a routine makes me have to stop and pay attention to what I’m doing – ergo less blah leaks into my day.

Finally, instead of kicking myself for a lack of motivation for one day, I give myself permission to goof off, to have a good case of the blah, and to throw myself a pity party if I want to – so long as it only lasts a certain number of hours and doesn’t let my plants die of thirst!