Skip cardboard rolls in seed starting

Do not use for starting seed

Don’t start seeds in leftover cardboard rolls.

This morning I got to throw out a 18″ square flat set up with dozens of seeds in cardboard rolls, most well on their way to sprouting. Something about the material or the glue attracted a cloud of little gnats. Since the gnats didn’t hover around the other planters, I figure it has something to do with the rolls.

So those went out into the garbage, along with the soil they were buried in. I’m removing the advice from my own eco sites.  Better safe than sorry.

I kept the pots but I’ll be sure to wash and bleach them before reusing. This turns out to be sound advice for reusing any gardening pot, to control pesky pests and bacteria.

Find something else for the kids to use to build their science, art and craft projects, especially if there’s a chance of the cardboard getting wet.