Just as an aside… follow me!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin’

I should explain, I s’pose. This morning, a nice person asked me if there were a way for someone to follow a blog without going through an RSS reader. I said, sure! Then proceeded to go figure out how.

What followed was a most pleasant trip down the Alice In Wonderland-like rabbit hole that wanders from blog to blog hither and thither until you’ve quite forgotten where you were going in the first place. In taking this venture, I found a fantastic collection of writers and bloggers, each with his or her own little kingdom, each with his or her own very personal style.

None is about gardening, however, but they’ll all be listed in the Gardener’s Friends area as I gather them together.

The magic ride ended at Bloglovin’, where I encountered dozens more bloggers, subscribed to a few, mentally noted more to visit later.