Woohoo! The -um – Something Hatched!

This morning was joyous and just a wee bit unsettling. Something sprouted, but I have absolutely no idea what.

In the middle of last month, while gardening was still a curiosity and not yet a full-blown commitment, I stuck a few seeds into three peat pots, which I watered, lit, watered, waited, sunned, shaded and -finally- shoved into an out-of-the-way corner in disgust.

Hi, Who are you?

I figured my attempts at growing tamarind (or tamarisk) and sumac (aka “sumach”) were doomed to end in failure, after happening upon the instructions for how to plant these recalcitrant beasts – and the guidance that if I don’t boil the seeds first, I might as well watch concrete grow.

Ahoy, Voyage of Broken Dreams: This passenger is heading ashore at the next port. The … one of the seed sets has sprouted!

Aye, that’s the rub. One of them did. But there’s no way to know which one.

You see, I was ever so careful to mark the pots when I planted each one, with perfectly penned missives relaying

  • What was planted,
  • When it was planted,
  • How (deep) it was planted,
  • What it wanted for water,
  • What it wanted for sunshine –

in short, all the pertinent details that’d help each pot of seed grow to its full potential.

That was then. This is now, a week after having given up all hope of anything ever coming of it, removing the pots from the shelf, removing the label from the shelf – and the matching label from the pots (redundant, yes, I know, but safety in case the pot didn’t make it back to the exact location).

So now I know that (a) something has sprouted, (b) it is a sumac OR (c) it is a tamarind, and (d) it is not a lemon tree since I didn’t plant any of those.

The coin is a United States quarter, by the way. I wanted to show how big it is on its very first morning aboveground. I’ll let you know if any rabbits disappear.

I would like to think this lack of forethought on my part could have been prevented by a decent plant marker. As it is, I don’t think the best plant markers in the world could have saved me from myself, but it would have at least reminded me of what a good idea it is to mark my seedling pots.

[PS. Follow the progress of this little fellow in the Tree Chronicle, where I’ll post regular updates about his progress. Got an idea what he is? Ring in!]