R.I.P. Bunny Buffet Summer Squash

lizard onlooker

“Sad state of things,” Lizard McSkitter commented from the safety of his home tree.

The brief but eventful life of Calabacin Pic-N-Pic Hybrid #3, a high-yield summer squash hybrid known for its robust and daring lifestyle, came to an end at (approx.) 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 16 July 2012.

This transplanted desert denizen of barely two months found itself on the receiving end of a passing bunny rabbit’s breakfast appetite and, being already rather low on the regional food chain, lost its battle for survival.

Calabacin Pic-N-Pic Hybrid #3, who had chosen to venture out on its own after a territorial clash with a belligerent mint, had shown early signs of success on the outstretches of Bunny Buffet, deftly fending off approaches by the neighborhood jack and visiting bunnies for several weeks. However, the effects of last week’s protracted heat wave left Hybrid #3 in a weakened state.

“Sad state of things,” pondered evergreen dweller Lizard McSkitter. “Tweren’t nothin’ anyone could do. When that larger bunny attacked, whewsh. All she wrote.”

Calabacin Pic-N-Pic Hybrid #3 is survived by two older indoor-dwelling cousins, Calabacin Pic-N-Pic Hybrids #1 and #2, late of sunroom fame for producing three female blossoms simultaneously.

At the request of the Squash family, no services will be held. Calabacin Pic-N-Pic Hybrid #3 will be buried on Layer #9 of the compost bin.