Care ‘n Encouragement for your Tomato Plants [Video]

Reagenite71 talks about tomato care

Reaganite71 talks about tomato care

I am not a fan of tomatoes in solid form. I confess. In earlier posts I may have alluded to this distaste, and surely some have wondered why I bothered trying to grow them (but not as much as I have, I assure you). But if you’re going to make pasta sauce, some form of tomatoes is pretty much inescapable.

Tomato Plants Come with Excuses

I could say I’m growing them for humanitarian purposes. Growing tomatoes teaches me the humility of growing ones own food, the patience to wait longer than it takes to roll a cart to the produce department at the local grocery, the joy of seeing early and repeatable results in the gardening venture. Given enough time, I could fish out a dozen rationalizations. But wouldn’t it be more fun to watch someone who really enjoys them?

So, without further ado, here’s Reaganite17 via YouTube, talking about spanking your tomato plants, how to prune suckers and get more energy to your productive tomato vines, and how to use apple juice for more than breakfast sippy cups:

Reaganite71 Teaches Tomato Care

Bottom Line

Now that I know more about how the blossoming is supposed to work, maybe I won’t be nearly as discouraged next time I try to grow tomatoes – assuming there IS a next time. I’ll know to spank, blossom set, plant outdoors, prune, stake and (most importantly) keep laughing.