How to Grow Avocado Trees From Seeds

Avocado - not just a fruit, but an entire lifetime of weird growing experiments.

Avocado – not just a misunderstood fruit — an entire lifetime of weird growing experiments.

In the spirit of getting back on the horse that threw me (and made me give away “all” my trees), after the 2.5 day mourning-and-kicking-myself period, I’ve decided to plant a tree.

“Why!?” I hear you scream. Oh, wait… That was me again.

I take it back. I’m not planting a tree. I’m going to try to grow avocado trees from seed. I’ve tried this about a gazillion times in my life. The resulting mess usually ends up in the compost heap in a week, or in the trash in a few months. Or I forget which windowsill I put the soaking seed thingie on and find it after several months, shriveled and dead. That was, of course, before I started to Learn To Garden.

I’m doing nothing different from what thousands of fourth graders do across the nation at least once a year. Why should they have all the fun, eh?

“Good morning, class. This week, we’re going to grow avocado trees from seeds. Next month, we’ll be rewriting the Declaration of Independence on handmade paper we’ll made from the bark of our avocado trees and quill pens fashioned from feathers of the geese we raised from eggs last year in the marshes we designed in kindergarten – remember those?” (That’s Martha Stewart teaching in our elementary schools.)

How to Grow Avocado Trees in the Frozen North

I wouldn’t even attempt this again, except I found this nifty video a few minutes ago, and it inspired me to give it yet another shot. Luckily my ever-patient husband likes avocados even more than I do – not that there’s any guarantee this thing will ever produce a single fruit.

Now, he says he’s in far eastern Canada, and look how well it’s doing. But since we’re in California, I figure I should look at other people’s advice.

How to Grow Avocado Trees a bit Closer to Home

This one is from WisconsinGarden, who is … in Wisconsin. Closer!

Somehow I get the feeling I am not getting the whole picture yet. So tomorrow, before I go get avocados from the avocado store, I’ll see if I can find advice closer to home.

Vote The Tree: The Results Show

“Mystery tree” and little brother: Tamarind!

First, thank you for voting and Facebooking and commenting and helping with the process of identifying the little guy since he sprouted on May 1o.

And now, in a most unscientific fashion, the tree in question can be identified as a tamarind, thanks to a Tamarindus indica tree seedling baby picture found on Wikipedia which looks EXACTLY like the first few days of our mystery tree’s sproutification.

To further demystify things, the second mystery pot to sprout came up with an almost identical seedling. Since two peat pots were seeded with tamarind and one with staghorn sumac, the answer seemed pretty clear. But that’s why we gave it a few days’ growth before saying for sure that the mystery is solved.

But solved it is, without having to wait 60 years for indisputable proof: Tamarind seeds!

The voting? Well, the trend was Staghorn Sumac, with double the votes that the Tamarind choice got. Nobody picked the “Something else” option – so next I will have to plant some “something else” just to see what happens!